Driver in Suspected Nakba Day Terror Attack in Tel Aviv Reenacts Incident for Police

Truck driver Issa Islam Ibrahim, 22, claims that May 15 incident was not a terrorist attack but rather a series of accidents caused by a flat tire.

Police investigators staged a reenactment of the suspected Nakba Day terror attack in Tel Aviv in which 22-year-old truck driver Issa Islam Ibrahim slammed into numerous cars along a busy street, killing one person and injuring 17 others.

The reenactment on Saturday involved Ibrahim driving along the route of the incident, accompanied by police investigators, with police vehicles positioned to imitate the vehicles that were crashed into on May 15.

Moti Kimche

Throughout the reenactment, Ibrahim stuck to his original story that the incident on May 15 was a series of accidents caused by a flat tire and not a planned terror attack with political or nationalist motives.

Police, however, still suspect that Ibrahim's actions were intentional, and that he carried them out to coincide with Nakba Day, the day on which Palestinians mourn the establishment of the state of Israel.

Police were not convinced by the suspect's answers to questions at the end of the reenactment as to why he was unable to stop the vehicle and why he crashed into a bus.

The man killed in the May 15 incident was Aviv Morag, a 29-year-old man from Givatayim.

Israel has in recent years suffered a spate of attacks using vehicles. In 2008, Jerusalem was hit by two such attacks within three weeks, leaving three people dead and dozens wounded.

In 2010, a Palestinian tractor driver slammed his vehicle into two Israeli cars near an outpost in the northern West Bank, lightly wounding three people.