Tanzim Gunman Who Broke Pledge to Cease Terror Arrested by IDF

Elite unit arrested Nablus-based militant who violated signed agreement which bound him to eschew violence.

Israeli security forces apprehended a senior Tanzim gunman who had violated a signed pledge to cease all terror-related activities, Israeli media reported Thursday after military censors lifted a gag order on the case.

The Tanzim operative, Firas Tashtush, was arrested by an elite Israel Defense Forces unit during a military operation in Nablus. He is suspected of planning to supply Tanzim members with explosive materials, and was said to have taken part in attacks against IDF troops in the area.

Firas Tashtush was arrested by an elite IDF unit during a military operation in Nablus. He is suspected of planning to supply the town with tanks and of being involved in terror activities against IDF forces in the area.

Tashtush, 24, signed an agreement a few months ago which committed him to ceasing any involvement in terror-related activities. Nevertheless, it became clear recently to security authorities that Tashtush "grossly" deviated form the agreement, eschewing his pledge to desist from participation in terror activities. With his arrest last week, Tashtush was taken into custody for questioning by the Shin Bet security service.

The agreement between IDF officers and senior members of Fatah and the Tanzim stipulated that operatives previously involved in terrorism who signed a document pledging to end such activity would be subject to a trial period of supervision by the Israeli security forces.

If the Palestinian signatories abided by their pledge, they would then be granted a pardon, and Israel would not seek their arrest. Likewise, if the militants breach the commitments contained in the agreement, those responsible would be arrested on suspicion of conducting terror activities.