Clinton: Talks Are the Only Way to Establish Mideast Peace

U.S. Secretary of State urges Israel, Palestinians to return to the negotiations' table, reiterates Washington's opposition to a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that Israelis and Palestinians must immediately return to negotiations, even amidst the Arab revolutions recently sweeping the region.

In an interview with PBS' Charlie Rose, Clinton urged that it is in the best interests of both the Israelis and the Palestinians to return to "the hard work of determining borders, determining the security requirements and dealing with all the other issues that they have to face."

Clinton reiterated the U.S. opposition to any unilateral effort by the Palestinians to declare a state in the United Nations and emphasized the importance of a two-state solution through negotiations.

"Negotiations are the only way" of achieving a two-state solution, said the Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger - AFP - 21.4.11

According to Clinton, both the Israelis and Palestinians had their reasons for being concerned about proceeding with negotiations even before the upheaval in the Arab World, and are now trying to analyze what impact the uncertainty of the region will have on their future positions.

Clinton also commented on Iran, saying that the United States doesn't want Tehran to be given "one iota of credit" for the revolutions recently sweeping the Middle East.
Clinton said Iran is trying to take advantage of the situation in the Arab world, and emphasized that the U.S. sees Iran as the major threat to the region.

With regards to the revolutions sweeping the Arab world, Clinton said, "We are now in scene one of act one of a five-act drama that will develop over a considerable period of time, and in which we have to determine our interests, our range of influence and what conflicting motivations may be involved."