104 Kg of Uncut Cocaine Seized in Israel's Largest Drug Bust

Police find drugs worth over $15 million during routine check of two containers en route from Colombia to Haifa.

Police in May seized 104 kg of uncut cocaine worth more than $15 million at Haifa port in the largest drug-smuggling bust in Israel's history, officials revealed Sunday.

A ship containing coffee beans en route from Colombia underwent a routine check in Haifa, when cargo inspectors noticed three bags that were then found to contain 96 cubes of an unidentified substance.

The Israel Police drug unit was called to the scene and its investigators identified the substance as pure cocaine.

Police have launched an investigation into the affair, which resulted in the arrest of eight residents of the Israeli Arab town Umm al-Fahm, including three owners of the company that imported the coffee beans.

However, the eight were released after a fortnight due to lack of evidence connecting them to the incident.

On Friday, a 36-year-old man was arrested near the Dead Sea area for allegedly carrying 13 kilograms of heroin and 40,000 ecstasy pills weighing a total of five kilograms. The suspect, a Bedouin resident of the Negev, was taken into custody for questioning.

Earlier this year, police and IDF troops seized the largest shipment of pure heroin ever to be intercepted on the border with Lebanon, a total of 32.5 kilograms of pure heroin, worth some NIS 30 million.