Fellow Journalists to Honor Haaretz Commentator Yoel Marcus in Eilat

Marcus, journalist Shalom Kital to receive lifetime achievement awards at conference attended by journalists from Israel, abroad.

Haaretz commentator Yoel Marcus and journalist Shalom Kital, former CEO of the Channel 2 news corporation, will receive lifetime achievement awards at the Eilat journalism conference later this month.

Hundreds of journalists from Israel and abroad will attend this year's conference, which is being organized by the Tel Aviv Journalists Association and the University of Haifa.

"The prize is being awarded to Marcus and Kital for their remarkable contribution for many years to the media in Israel," a statement by the conference organizers said Thursday.

Marcus began his journalism career in the 1950s at the newspaper Herut, and later wrote for the Mapai party evening paper, Hador. He covered the military and political beats for the daily Davar, which sent him to Paris in the mid-'60s. While there, Marcus moved to Haaretz, which appointed him correspondent for Western Europe.

In 1977 Haaretz sent him to the United States, where he covered the Israeli-Egyptian peace talks.

Back in Israel, Marcus was appointed a member of Haaretz's editorial board. At the beginning of the Lebanon War, he wrote an anonymous column describing his fears as the father of a paratrooper involved in the fighting. Several months later he revealed prime minister Menachem Begin's withdrawal into his home, in a front-page article entitled "A sad exit from history."

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