Ex-Likud MK Omri Sharon Completes Prison Sentence

Sentence of son of former PM, convicted of several corruption charges, commuted due to good behavior.

Former Likud MK Omri Sharon was released on Wednesday from prison after having completed a four-month sentence.

Sharon's sentence had been commuted by a Prisons Service panel earlier this month due to good behavior. For the next few months he will be required to check in at a police station every few days.

The Prisons Service has repeatedly said over the past few montsh that the son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did not receive special treatment due to his family relation.

Sharon started his prison term in February, after having been convicted of a series of corruption charges related to his father's 1999 primaries campaign, including fictitious registration of corporate documents, lying under oath and violations of the election code.

Sharon was originally sentenced to nine months in prison and fined NIS 300,000, however the district court accepted his appeal shortened his prison time to seven months.