IDF: Nearly 28% of Israeli Males Avoided Conscription in 2007

Army figures show 11.2% receive yeshiva student exemptions, 7.3% receive medical deferments.

The Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday that 27.7 percent of Israeli males of conscription age are not inducted into the army.

Army statistics presented at the Sderot conference on societal issues showed that 11.2 percent of those who avoided conscription did so under exemptions granted to yeshiva students.

Another 7.3 percent were granted medical deferments. The figure apparently includes psychological deferments, often cited as a source of "gray avoidance," referring to young men who avoid service by presenting evidence that they are mentally unfit to serve.

A total of 4.7 percent were ruled ineligible because of criminal records, and 4.2 percent because they were residing abroad.

The largest single group of young Israelis who avoid conscription is comprised of women who claim exemptions on the grounds of being religious. This group makes up 35 percent of all women eligible for the draft.