Al Gore, Israeli Author Amos Oz Win Dan David Prize

Tamara Traubmann, Haaretz Correspondent
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Tamara Traubmann, Haaretz Correspondent

U.S. vice president turned green activist Al Gore and internationally renowned Israeli author Amos Oz were named Tuesday as two of the recipients of the annual Dan David Prize.

Gore was awarded the prize for Social Responsibility with Particular Emphasis on the Environment over his international campaign to raise awareness on the effects of global warming.

The prize's Web site called Gore "probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide awareness of the detrimental effects that man's energy consumption has had on the environment, and the imperative for individuals and governments to take drastic action to avert climatic disaster."

Oz was awarded the prize for Creative Rendering of the Past, along with British Jewish playwright Tom Stoppard and Canadian-Armenian film maker Atom Egoyan.

Gore was informed of the selection during a video conference with businessman Dan David, and said he would donate his entire $1 million prize to non-profit organizations that are seeking solutions to the climate crisis.

The prize awards $1 million to recipients in three categories, pertaining to the past, present and future. Professors Ellen Moseley-Thompson, Lonnie G. Thompson, and Geoffrey Eglinton were awarded the prize for Geosciences.

The Dan David Prize is an international enterprise run by the Dan David Foundation, Tel Aviv University, and the French Culture Ministry.

"The prizes are granted to individuals or institutions with proven, exceptional, distinct excellence in the sciences, arts, and humanities that have made an outstanding contribution to humanity," according to the prize Web site.

"Laureates donate 10 percent of their prize money to graduate students in their respective fields, thereby contributing to the community and fostering a new generation of scholars."

Gore said he would attend the awards ceremony, to be held at Tel Aviv University in May with the participation of President Shimon Peres.