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Ramat Hasharon hosts a Ramle squad that includes six former players.

Elitzur Ramle currently has nine players. Six of them, two-thirds of the squad, have a past at Ramat Hasharon.

Shay Doron had one season with the senior team at Ramat Hasharon before moving to the United States; Tali Noy spent the first nine seasons of her career there; Ina Gourevitch won two State Cup and Premier League doubles with Ramat Hasharon, and Laine Selwyn won the State Cup three seasons ago; Michelle Snow arrived at Ramat Hasharon in the summer of 2003, but left after a month and a half; and Brasheeda Elohim wore the Ramat Hasharon uniform during an exhibition game against the Washington Mystics last May, before signing with Ramle.

Ramle, including all six, will visit Ramat Hasharon tonight (7 PM tipoff) for the first game of the season between the two teams. The game was postponed November 12 because of the firecracker-throwing incident at Malkha Arena the previous day. It will be the first time that Doron faces her former squad, and the game also pits Deanna Jackson and Gourevitch against each for the first time since their altercation in game five of the playoff final last season, which resulted in Jackson's arrest.

In addition, this is in effect a battle for the top spot in the standings, as Ramat Hasharon has one loss and Ramle two, and both teams have defeated Bnot Hasharon.