Rights Groups Appeal Ruling That Lets Employers View Private E-mails

Organizations: Giving legal authorization to violation of privacy complicates the tension point between law, technology.

Nurit Roth
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Nurit Roth

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and Kav LaOved (Worker's Hotline) - a nonprofit NGO advocating workers' rights - petitioned the National Labor Court on Monday to appeal the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court's ruling that is not illegal for a company to view an employee's private emails.

The organizations claim that the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court's ruling violates the right to privacy by "giving legal authorization to a practice of violation of privacy and further complicating the difficult situation that exists at the point of intersection between law and technology."

The move comes after Tally Isikov, a former employee at a company that looked through items in personal E-mail folder, petitioned the National Labor Court last week.

Isikov had sued Panaya for unlawfully firing her in 2006, claiming that she was fired because she was pregnant at the time. Panaya viewed Isikov's private emails in an effort to prove that she was fired before she was pregnant.