Agreement Reached After Three-year Battle Over 'Professor'

Well-known neurologist Dr. Rafi Carasso has ended a three-year legal battle with the Israel Medical Association's ethics board by agreeing to clarify his use of the title "Professor" in presenting himself in professional circles, on television and radio, and in newspaper columns. Following an agreement reached two weeks ago through mediation and published in the IMA's journal Zman Refuah yesterday, Dr. Carasso will append to every use of the title "Professor" the clarification that it refers to his associate professorship at the psychology department of Bar-Ilan University, so as not to give the misleading impression that he is a professor of medicine.

Carasso, 63, heads the neurology department at the Hillel Yaffeh Medical Center in Hadera, where he is also the director of the pain clinic and the alternative medicine clinic. He is a senior member of faculty in the medicine department at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, a visiting lecturer at Boston University's psychology department, and a visiting lecturer in the neurology and neurosurgery department at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

Under the agreement, wherever the title "Prof." accompanies Carasso's name in connection with medical practice, it must state: "Prof. Rafi Carasso - professor in the psychology department, Bar-Ilan University." This applies to his various appearances in the broadcast and print media, signage on the doors of his hospital office and private clinic, name tags, stationery letterhead, business cards, seals and prescriptions.

Carasso said in response: "I hold the title of 'Professor' lawfully. The purpose of the mediation was to find a technical solution to the IMA's demand that my title be presented with complete transparency, in view of the fact that it was not granted as part of a regular medical school program, but rather by the psychology department at Bar-Ilan University, albeit for research and teaching in neuroscience."