GDP per Capita in Jewish Sector 3 Times More Than Among Israeli Arabs

Figures part of poll conducted by the Arab Center for Alternative planning; GDP per capita among Jews $19,150, $6,750 among Arabs.

The Gross Domestic Product per capita in the Israeli Jewish sector is three times that of the Israeli Arab sector, a poll conducted by the Arab Center for Alternative Planning revealed on Thursday.

The GDP per capita in the Jewish public stands at $19,150, compared to $6,750 in the Arab sector.

The director of the center, economist Raja Khoury, called on the government Thursday to invest the resources necessary to smooth out the gap between the sectors.

The figures were presented Thursday in a conference in Nazareth, organized by the center. The poll was conducted by MK Hanna Swaid, who served as the center's director before he was elected to Knesset.

GDP is a total value of sales and services produced in a certain area. Khoury told Haaretz that the figures were collected through official state publications. The probe did not include East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, or mixed Arab-Jewish cities. It should be noted that the figures published by state institutions are not generally organized according to divisions between Arab and Jewish communities.

The Center for Alternative Planning compared the figures in its probe with figures published by the United Nations Development Program in its Human Development Reports.