AG Blasts Channel 2 for Removing Board's Public Representatives

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz yesterday lashed out against the decision by the Channel 2 Council to remove from the board of Channel 2 News the public's representatives: Yitzhak Livni and attorney Rachel Ben-Ari. Mazuz said the decision was flawed in principle and called on the council to re-evalute it.

The criticism was expressed in the attorney general's response to a High Court of Justice petition filed by MKs Shelly Yachimovich, Aryeh Eldad and Ran Cohen. The petition asserted that the council, under chair Nurit Davush, decided to remove Livni and Ben-Ari under pressure from Channel 2 shareholders in order to pave the way for Rafi Ginat's appointment as CEO of the news company.

"When the decision was made about the non-renewal of their terms, the public representatives were involved in a struggle against the franchisees regarding the director of the news company," Mazuz wrote in his response, "in which [they] expressed an independent position in keeping with their duties as representatives of the general public. The non-renewal of the terms cut short the struggle."

Mazuz emphasized in his response that the public representatives have the authority to veto any managerial appointment of which they disapprove.