Extremist Group Says It Destroyed Gaza Cafes, Music Shops

Group calling itself "the Swords of Islam" also claim they threw acid in a woman's face for not having her hair covered.

An extremist Islamic group in Gaza calling itself "the Swords of Islam" claimed responsibility Thursday for bombing and firing rocket propelled grenades at internet cafes and shops selling music cassettes.

"The shops were attacked, because they occupy the minds of a complete generation of youth, (who) instead of spending their time in Jihad and worship, serve the interests of the Jews and the Crusaders," a leaflet sent to reporters said.

The leaflet added that the shop owners were notified and warned many times to close down, "but when they did not take the matter seriously, 12 stores were burned and destroyed."

The group also said a woman who did not cover her hair with a scarf had acid thrown in her face, and said another car was destroyed because its driver played the vehicle's music system loudly at night.

The leaflet said the group had warned female university students that they are obliged to cover their heads with scarves and stop wearing attractive clothes.