7 Charged With Inciting Racial Hatred in Anne Frank Book Burning

Book was burned along with American Flag at right-wing summer solstice festival in east German Saxony-Anhalt state.

Berlin - Seven men have been charged with inciting racial hatred after a copy of Nazi concentration camp victim Anne Frank's diary was burned in public, prosecutors said Thursday.

The seven, aged between 23 and 28, also face charges of insulting the memory of the dead in connection with the incident.

The book was burned, along with an American flag, on June 24 in the eastern Saxony-Anhalt state.

The incident took place during a summer solstice festival at a community center in the town of Pretzien. The festival was sponsored by the far-right group "Heimat Bund Ostelbien" (East Elbian Homeland Federation.)

Anne Frank, a German-Jewish teenager, hid with her family during World War II in an Amsterdam apartment for 25 months. They were betrayed shortly before the end of the war, arrested and sent to concentration camps.

In March of 1945 Anne Frank, aged 15, died of typhoid fever at the Bergen-Belsen death camp.

Her diary was first published in 1947 and has since been translated into almost 70 languages making it one of the most widely read books in the world.