David Blatt Resigns as Coach of Israel's National Basketball Team

His resignation came in the wake of dispute over his eligibility for coaching credentials.

The coach of Israel's national basketball team announced Friday that he intends to retire from his position.

The primary factor leading to David Blatt's decision to retire were comments made by the chairman of the Israel Basketball Association (IBBA), Yermi Olmert, to the effect that Blatt cannot coach without a coaching license.

Blatt informed the heads of the IBBA of his decision in an email he sent on Friday morning.

Blatt said he was under the impression that lectures he had made in the past would be considered enough to complete his requirements for a coaching license. However, the coaching school did not count these lectures towards his requirements.

Senior IBBA figures will decide in the coming days how to fill the position. It has not yet been decided if the IBBA will ask Blatt to retract his resignation or if the organization will search for a new coach.

One possible candidate for the position is Erez Edelstein.