Disengagement Cost NIS 9 Billion

10 months later, figures show high unemployment for evacuees.

The disengagement plan for Gaza and the northern West Bank has cost NIS 9 billion so far, according to information given to the Knesset Finance Committee by the treasury's deputy budget head, Harel Belinda. He also said that it was possible to solve the problems of the settlers who have been relocated, and there is no need to make changes to the Evacuation Compensation Law. He admitted that there was a a real problem as to employment, saying "we are searching for a way to help within the framework of the existing law.

The committee held hearings yesterday on the issue of the problems facing former residents of Gush Katif. Representatives of the evacuees complained that 10 months after the disengagement the state has still not solved their problems of housing, employment and education.

Some 51 percent of former Gaza residents are still unemployed ? 1,360 people. The unemployment rate in the Nitzan carravilla site is 70 percent.