Peace Now

Nir Becher
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Nir Becher

Design: David Tartakover, 1978

The Peace Now logo emerged from the organizing that followed the letter sent in March 1978 to prime minister Menachem Begin by 348 reservist officers urging him to choose the road of peace. The latter gave rise to a mass petition and then a mass rally, held in what is now Rabin Square in Tel Aviv on April 1, 1978. Tartakover's contribution to the organization of a popular movement was to design a poster, which he titled "Peace Now." The title became the name of the movement and was the first political bumper sticker - and remains one of the country's most popular stickers even now, nearly 30 years on.

"The movement activists liked the logo," Tartakover, 62, recalled this week. "But they thought there should also be a symbol. I told them it wasn't needed - this is the symbol. It took time until they understood that this was the first political sticker in Israel."