Marzel Urges IDF to Assassinate Uri Avnery

National Jewish Front leader Baruch Marzel, now campaigning for the March 28 Knesset election, said yesterday that the leaders of Kadima are "traitors" and "criminals" and called on the Israel Defense Forces to assassinate the far-left leader of the Gush Shalom movement Uri Avnery.

Speaking yesterday in Jerusalem and Ramle, Marzel said left-wing activists are bringing destruction upon themselves and said they sometimes harm the interests of Israel no less than the country's external enemies.

In response to Avnery's comment that the 2001 assassination of cabinet minister Rehavam Ze'evi was a Palestinian "targeted killing" - a term generally reserved for IDF strikes on militant leaders - Marzel said the IDF needs to target Avnery.

"Traitors sit in Kadima. They betrayed their own principles, Judaism and Zionism," Marzel added.

Peace Now yesterday evening called on Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to examine Marzel's statements on suspicion of incitement.

The far-right extremist also expressed anger at attacks by National Union and the National Religious Party. He said their action increases his chance of not obtaining the minimum number of votes required to enter the Knesset.