Hadash - Ta'al

A lineal descendant of the old Israeli Communist Party, Hadash, the Democratic Front for Change, was originally a mixed Jewish-Arab party. It still has Jewish members, but no longer has a Jewish member of Knesset. In the 2003 election, Hadash joined forces with Ta'al, the Movement for Arab Renewal, headed by Ahmed Tibi, once a member of Azmi Bishara's Balad party.

Hadash-Ta'al has three members in the current Knesset. Mohammed Barakeh and Issam Makhoul represent Hadash, and Tibi is the sole Ta'al MK.

Hadash supports refusal to serve in the territories and demands recognition of refusal to serve in the IDF for conscientious objectors. Hadash also supports the decommissioning of Israel's nuclear capabilities, and lobbies to improve the lot of Israeli workers and for equality for women.

Hadash has been outspoken in condemning the disengagement for skirting negotiations with the Palestinians, avoiding a total withdrawal from all of the territories, and failing to provide for a Palestinian state.

The party supports the recognition of the Arab Palestinian population in Israel as a national minority, and rights for displaced persons whose villages were destroyed in 1948. It supports a reversal of ethnic discrimination and is in favor of increased benefits for the rehabilitation of neighborhoods in development towns, the building of schools and the integration of eastern culture into the national curriculum.

The party believes in the separation of religion and state, and the establishment of a constitution to protects human rights, the secular character of the state and equality of all citizens. Hadash opposes religious coercion, and supports civil marriage and divorce.