Solar Power Aims for Regional Cooperation

A joint solar-powered energy project between Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority is to be presented today.

A group of Israeli energy experts, led by Amit Mor, will make the presentation before a joint Israeli-European Union forum of experts, thinkers and scientists. The forum will be discussing an action plan for the project, which is to be partly funded by the EU.

"The energy sector provides a wide range of possible joint ventures in the eastern end of Mediterranean basin and could be used as a boost to economic development in the area," Mor said yesterday.

"The latest agreement to supply gas from Egypt to Israel strengthens this trend. This is a project of joining pipelines, power stations and gas facilities and other infrastructure for electricity production. ... The Egyptian Sinai desert, the Israeli Negev and the Arava and the deserts of Jordan could be the optimal sites for setting up plants to harness solar power."

Not only would such joint projects boost the regional economy, according to Mor, but they would also provide jobs, and offer alternative sources of energy that do not pollute, are safe and environmentally friendly, particularly for places that are dependent on imported oil, such as Israel, Jordan and the PA.