Frozen Days' Wins Best Feature at the Haifa Film Festival

The film "Frozen Days" won the prize for the best Israeli feature movie at the Haifa Film Festival yesterday.

Written and directed by Danny Lerner, the film is a psychological noir thriller about the story of Meow, a young woman roaming Tel Aviv's streets and nightclubs. She lives in empty apartments, and surfs the Internet chat rooms. She decides to meet Alex, her chat buddy. The two plan to meet in a nightclub, however, a suicide bombing takes place just prior to their date. Meow survives the attack, and after finding Alex in the hospital in a coma, moves into his empty apartment. Gradually, the tenants start referring to her as Alex, and she assumes his identity, sinking into a dangerous and deluded reality.

"It's a very daring and original movie," the panel of Julie Shlez, Ram Levy, Moshe Mizrahi, Moshe Ivgi and Claudia Landsberger, said.

The value of the award is NIS 110,000.

"White Walls," directed by Meital Abekasis, won the best drama prize, valued at NIS 30,000. The movie is a story about a photographer preparing a one-woman exhibition when she learns that her grandmother has died.

The prize for best documentary - valued at NIS 40,000 - was given to "As a Great River Flows," directed by Yitzhak Haluzi. The film's protagonist, Nir Malhi, embraces religion, is a master of martial arts and has cancer.

The Golden Anchor prize for Mediterranean films was awarded to "Waiting for the Clouds," directed by Turkey's Yesim Ustaoglu. The film, which takes place in Turkey in the 1970s, focuses on ethnic and political oppression during the years of political unrest.

The Israeli film critics also awarded prizes as part of the festival.

The prize for the best Israeli movie of the year was awarded to Palestinian director Tawfik Abu Wael for "Atash."

Dana Ivgi won the prize for best actor for her performance in "Mon Tresor," and the prize for the best foreign film was awarded to "The Return," directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev.