Lord Janner Attacked by Fellow Peer in Row Over Lebanon War

LONDON - Lord Janner, a senior member of Britain's Jewish community, was physically assaulted last week by a fellow peer during a furious row over Israel's policy in Lebanon, sources at the House of Lords confirmed to Haaretz yesterday.

Lord Bramall, 82, attacked Lord Janner after making what witnesses claim were a series of "anti-Israel" comments.

Lord Janner, 78, a veteran campaigner for Holocaust victims, was said to feel "wronged and seriously offended" after the attack.

Currently on a visit to Israel, he told Haaretz, however, that he had accepted the apology of Lord Bramall and the he now viewed the matter as closed.

A senior source at the House of Lords said: "There was no anti-Semitic remark but the comments by Bramall were anti-Israel. It took place in one of the rooms close to the Lords chamber and it got out of hand. It ended with Bramall hitting Janner. Those who witnessed the row were extremely shocked by his behavior."

Eton-educated Lord Bramall served in the occupation of Japan.

He was later on Lord Mountbatten's staff and became a full general in 1976. He served as chief of the Defence Staff during the 1982 Falklands War and sits as a cross-bencher.

No action has been taken by the Lords authorities and Lord Janner has made no complaint.

"Lord Bramall has apologized, and, as far as I'm concerned, the matter is now closed. I'm sorry, I'm saying nothing more," he said last night.