Hezbollah Drone Brought Down Over Galilee Held 30 Kg of Explosives

IDF: Travel restrictions south of Litani still in place; Israel to maintain air and sea blockade on south Lebanon.

An unmanned drone launched by Hezbollah and shot down over northern Israel was carrying more than 30 kilograms of explosives, police said Monday.

The drone, which was brought down by an Israel Air Force jet in the Western Galilee on Monday morning, was located after long searches of the area.

This is the third time since the conflict began that Hezbollah has attempted to use drones inside Israeli airspace. The IDF shot down another Hezbollah drone a week ago off the coast of Haifa.

On Sunday, the IDF said it had thwarted a major attack when it shot down two Iranian-made drones it suspects were laden with explosives heading toward Israel. One of the drones was shot down over Kibbutz Cabri, in the Western Galilee. The other drone was downed over the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces said Monday restrictions on the movement of traffic in south Lebanon remain in place "for now," despite a United Nations-brokered cease-fire.

The army said traffic restrictions south of the Litani River had not been lifted, even though thousands of Lebanese refugees reportedly were jamming bombed-out roads to return to their homes. Imposing the restrictions last week, Israel warned it would consider any movement on the roads to be a legitimate Hezbollah target.

The IDF will maintain their air and sea blockade on Lebanon despite the cease-fire, military sources were quoted as saying Monday.

Army Radio, quoting IDF officials, said the blockade will continue until "Beirut formulates an effective mechanism, which will block transfer of weaponry to south Lebanon.

"The air and sea closure will continue until a mechanism is in place to oversee and stop weapons smuggling," another source told Reuters.