Moshav Margaliot Relocates to Netanya

Some 230 residents of Moshav Margaliot, in the Upper Galilee, moved to the Neveh Hadassah Youth Village near Netanya yesterday, boarding buses to take them away from the Katyusha rocket fire.

Only 10 families chose to remain behind.

"The youth village asked the residents if they were interested in evacuating," said Eitan Davidi, who heads the moshav committee and the forum of Galilee communities. "The vast majority of the residents expressed their desire to be evacuated, and this morning they boarded four buses from the Mevo'ot Hahermon regional council and traveled."

"The moshav looks like a ghost moshav, completely abandoned," Davidi said yesterday. "There's no one here, and these are images we're not used to. I understand them and I don't have a word of criticism. For all these days they sat in protected spaces, didn't complain despite the difficulty."

The children of Moshav Margaliot who moved to the youth village participated in summer camps and other social activities yesterday - unaccompanied by rocket blasts, for a change.

"In the meantime, we're here and we'll let the Israel Defense Forces do what it needs to do," said a Margaliot resident who has moved to the Sharon region.