Negev Tops List for New Airport Location

The National Planning and Building Council has proposed establishing a new international airport in the Negev, either at Nevatim between Arad and the Shoket intersection or at Ziklag, between the Beit Kama intersection and Netivot.

Both sites, which were chosen from an original list of 22 possible locations, have been submitted to the relevant regional councils for their comments, and will eventually become part of the National Airport Master Plan 15.

The national planning council said that the submission of the two sites was no indication of the final location, which would be set only after exhaustive procedural hearings and discussions. The decision does not negate the existing plans to develop both Eilat and Haifa regional airports.

Meanwhile, some 365,000 Israelis are expected to pass through Ben-Gurion International Airport during the next 11 days. The Airports Authority said yesterday that between June 9 and June 19, 2,257 flights will land and take off at Ben-Gurion, with Thursday, June 16 being the busiest day of the season, with passenger traffic of nearly 40,000 passengers.