IDF 'Buries' Synagogue in Evacuated Settlement of Sa-Nur

Decision on unusual operation made following gov't decision against demolition of evacuated synagogues.

Less than two weeks after the government decided against demolishing synagogues in evacuated settlements, the Israel Defense Forces on Monday started works to cover with earth the synagogue in the evacuated northern West Bank settlement of Sa-Nur.

The decision on the unusual operation was made after it turned out that the synagogue could not be dismantled. The synagogue, whose construction was completed only days before the evacuation of the settlement, will be covered in earth. IDF officials said the works should be completed by Tuesday.

Once the synagogue is buried, IDF forces staying permanently in the settlement would be able to leave the area.

In a second evacuated West Bank settlement, Ganim, Defense Ministry engineering forces were dismantling the synagogue and transferring it to a location inside the Green Line.