Inspectors, Police, Civilians All Chase 'Jewish Pony' in Holon

Police receive call alerting of pony loose on Holon's city streets, massive pursuit ensues.

This was a pursuit for which no policeman was prepared: Two inspectors, riot police, a police patrol car and one civilian ? all of them participated on Wednesday in the hunt for a pony that galloped across the central city of Holon.

On Wednesday morning, municipal inspectors received a report that a pony was galloping along the central city's Dov Hoz Boulevard.

Two inspectors rushed to the scene and saw the animal galloping against the traffic toward Sokolov street, at which point officers from the Israel Police Yassam special forces unit also gave chase, riding mopeds. A few minutes later, the ensemble was joined by a police patrol car, which had been waiting at the corner of Sokolov street and Shenkar street.

The pony, unimpressed by the massive chase, continued to gallop through the streets, until another inspector, equipped with a rope, joined the crowd and successfully roped the pony and subdued him.

The pony was taken to the city veterinary department.

Dr. Uri Bartman, the city veterinarian, said the animal in question was a "Jewish pony" ? circumcised and sterilized. Apparently, the doctor said, when he realized that he had gotten lost in the bustling city, the pony decided to let go and stop resisting.

"The pony was exhausted when it was captured," Bartman said. "After we revived him he was taken to the Holon municipal 'Hai Beholon' zoo, where he joined his new neighbors ? rabbits, turtles, goats, parrots, reptiles and more. It appears that he is adjusting to his new home."