Nude Viki Knafo Enrages Single Mothers, Confuses Social Activists

Viki Knafo's decision to pose nude for an Israeli porn site shocked and confused individuals and social activists who had joined her struggle for single mothers last summer.

Knafo's protest march from Mizpe Ramon to Jerusalem aroused massive sympathy throughout the country and hundreds joined her.

"She didn't even know which way was north," said Yoel Maharshak of the Kibbutz Movement, who joined Knafo's Jerusalem-bound march. Maharshak arranged for Knafo's accommodations along the way and helped set up her protest camp. "I feel pain and shame for her," he said.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv of the Center for Jewish Pluralism, who helped with funds and moral support, said, "I don't justify or understand her. Perhaps we, the social organizations, abandoned her too soon."

Ilana Azulay of Arad, who marched with her disabled son to Jerusalem following Knafo, was in shock. "We cannot understand it, none of us," she said. "If you're poor or hungry you can clean houses, sweep streets, but not this."

Azulay believes Knafo has damaged the cause of single mothers. "Single mothers are already accused of being idle. With Knafo in a porn site they'll really have what to say."