Israeli Death Toll in Intifada Higher Than Last Two Wars

The number of Israeli fatalities in the current conflict with the Palestinians exceeded 1,000 last week. Only two of the country's wars - the War of Independence and the Yom Kippur War - have claimed more Israeli lives than this intifada, which began on September 29, 2000.

In the Six-Day War, 803 Israelis lost their lives, while the War of Attrition claimed 738 Israeli lives along the borders with Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

The fatality statistics for the current conflict are based on figures from the Shin Bet security service, which coordinates casualty data from Palestinian terror. There is a discrepancy of two or three casualties with the figures tabulated by the Israel Defense Forces.

According to Israeli numbers, the current conflict has claimed the lives of 2,124 Palestinians, for whom a list of names exists. Palestinian sources put the number of Palestinian casualties at 2,736. Thus the ratio of Israeli to Palestinian deaths ranges between 1:2.12 and 1:2.73.

At the beginning of the conflict, Palestinian military sources spoke of the objective of attaining a ratio of one Israel death to every three Palestinian deaths, in order to wear down Israeli society.

The Israeli figures show that of the various Palestinian groups and organizations, Hamas has suffered the highest number of fatalities: 466. The intifada has claimed the lives of 408 members of Fatah's Tanzim organization, while Islamic Jihad has lost 205 of its people.

The Palestinian security forces - for example, Force 17, the Palestinian police, General Intelligence, and the counter security apparatus - have lost 334 of its members during the current conflict, the Shin Bet figures show.