Swedish Museum to Remove Suicide Bomber Posters

STOCKHOLM - A Swedish museum official said Tuesday that he will remove posters for an art exhibition that sparked a diplomatic spat with Israel, but said the display at the root of the controversy will remain.

The man in charge of the exhibition at the Museum of National Antiquities said he will take down posters showing a Palestinian suicide bomber that were posted in 26 subway stations throughout Stockholm to advertise the exhibit.

"This is a personal decision where I as an artistic leader take full responsibility of removing and replacing the posters," Thomas Nordanstad said.

Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel on Friday vandalized an art installation that featured a portrait of Jihad suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat. She killed herself and 21 bystanders in an October 4 suicide bombing in Haifa.

Mazel said the display, made by Israeli-born artist Dror Feiler, glorified suicide bombers.

Museum officials said the exhibit will go on and the Swedish government declined to interfere, saying it doesn't control the country's museums.

The museum has set up 130 posters advertising the exhibition, but only those carrying the image of Jaradat, will be removed and replaced with another image from the exhibition, Nordanstad said. He didn't say what the replacement image would be.