Bishara Calls Allegations He Aided Enemies a 'Fabrication'

Ex-MK and Balad Chairman suspected of giving information to Hezbollah intelligence officials, accepting money.

In an interview for the Beirut newspaper Al Ahabar released Thursday, Ex-MK and Balad Chair Azmi Bishara rejected the allegations that he aided Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War.

Bishara called the suspicions a "fabrication" and "an attempt to turn an educated leader into a lowly informant". He added that all the alleged information he passed could be found in open media sources.

Bishara also called the suspicions that he received laundered money, "a soap bubble" and added that "there is no evidence, they presented no evidence. I guess there isn't any. Also, had the funds been political donations... we would not have transferred them in that matter."

"Their goal is to turn the Palestinian political and cultural leadership inside [Israel] into security threats who work with Islamic or resistance movements so that no one in the West or East, will believe that there is such a thing as Arab democrats," Bishara added in the interview.

Bishara is suspected of holding secret and continuous contact with Hezbollah intelligence operatives collecting information on Israel during the Second Lebanon War, the police and Shin Bet revealed on Wednesday. Bishara is also suspected of having secret contacts with another foreign intelligence body whose identity has not been revealed.

Along with the espionage investigation, the authorities are looking into suspicions that Bishara violated laws against funding terrorism and money laundering. Investigators say Bishara received sums of cash totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars for a yet-to-be specified reason.