Ex-MK Hugi Sentenced to Two Years in Jail for Embezzlement

Ofer Hugi of Shas received state budget to fund fictitious college he 'founded'; also fined NIS 12,000.

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced former MK Ofer Hugi (Shas) to two years in prison, and ordered him to pay a NIS 12,000 fine, for a number of serious embezzlement charges.

Hugi was convicted in December of aggravated forgery, using forged documents, receiving items through fraudulent means, false registration of a corporation and attempting to receive items through fraudulent means. At the end of the 1990s, Hugi established a technical college with the backing of the Labor and Welfare Ministry. He gave the ministry a list of students and teachers and in return received hundreds of thousands of shekels for the running of the college.

It was soon claimed, however, that the lists of students and teachers were fictitious and that no one was studying there.

Hugi was also convicted of fraudulently receiving Education Ministry funding for student transportation. Hugi was convicted of falsely reporting the number of students and the distance traveled, and thus significantly increasing the funding he received.

The former MK was also convicted of falsifying tenders in order to award them to a company he owns. Hugi forged false offers from other companies, which were of course higher than the offer his company was making.

Hugi was also convicted of falsifying company documents in order to evade income tax, by recording a fictitious salary for his wife.