Former MK Gets Suspended Sentence for Voting Twice in Knesset

Michael Gorlovsky, who was MK for Likud, also receives two months community service for 2003 incident.

Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Monday sentenced former Likud lawmaker Michael Gorlovsky to a suspended sentence and community service for casting two ballots during a Knesset vote in 2003.

Gorlovsky admitted to voting in place of fellow Likud MK Gilad Erdan, and said that he had been "tired" and "confused" at the time.

In September 2006, Jerusalem prosecutor's office informed the court that it had struck a plea bargain with the former lawmaker, under which Gorlovsky would agree to an amended indictment that would charge him with breach of trust rather than fraud.

The two parties also agreed that the sentence would comprise two months community service and a suspended sentence. Gorlovsky was given a two-month suspended sentence.