Serial Pedophile Sentenced to 24 Years

The Tel Aviv District Court yesterday sentenced convicted pedophile Itay Leibovitch to 24 years in prison for the rape of two girls and the sexual abuse of several others.

Leibovitch was convicted three months ago, after confessing to the charges against him. He was convicted with raping a nine-year-old and an eleven-year-old girl.

The judges rejected Leibovitch's claims that his actions were a direct result of the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. Leibovitch claimed that through his actions, he was punishing the girls for the pain, suffering and social injustice he suffered.

Judge Saviona Rothlevy responded by saying that revenge is not an uncontrollable instinct, and that he did not deserve clemency.

The judges also noted that Leibovitch's actions involved deceit and guile. The jobs he applied for - a computer instructor, a security guard at a kindergarten, and an instructor at a center for children from troubled homes - would enable him close access to young girls.

In one case, he approached his victim's house and pretended to be a messenger with a letter for her parents.

The girl wanted to call her mother before letting him in, but he insisted she open the door, telling her he was in a rush. When the girl opened the door, Leibovitch entered the home, attacked her and threatened her, telling her that if she screamed he would hurt her. When the girl asked what he wanted, he responded "sex."

Leibovitch also followed his victims on their way home from school, and picked girls that he saw unlocking the door, assuming their parents were not at home.

During both rapes, Leibovitch also caused his victims serious bodily harm.

Leibovitch was also convicted on several charges of sexual abuse, which he committed while working as a computers instructor in June 2002.

His victims included two five-year-old girls, a four-year-old and a six-year-old. He also abused five girls at a home for children from broken homes.

According to the charge sheet, while working as a security guard at a kindergarten in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of north Tel Aviv, Leibovitch took a six-year-old child aside, undressed her, and instructed her not to tell anyone.