Marzel Sets Up Party Advocating 'Transfer' of Arabs

Itim News Service
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Itim News Service

Right-wing activist Baruch Marzel presented his new political party on Sunday. The platform of the new party, called the Jewish National Front, includes the "transfer" of Arab communities to new locations, east of the Jordan River.

Marzel was number two on the list of the Herut party, which failed to win a seat in the last Knesset elections in January, 2003.

At a press conference held at the Agron House in Jerusalem, Marzel introduced his two senior partners in the party, Hen Ben-Eliyahu, a resident of the West Bank settlement of Eli and lecturer at the College of Judea and Samaria in the West Bank town of Ariel, and Dr. Andrei Weissman, a former security services official who immigrated to Israel from Brazil in 1982 and currently resides in Netanya.

The three presented the registration certificate of their new party, issued by the Registrar of Political Parties.

According to Marzel, the National Religious Party was the only party to submit an objection to the new party's registration, claiming that the names, as well as the goals of the two parties were too similar. But the objection was rejected, and the party was approved by the registrar on December 31.

The party heads are planning to convene a national committee and set up branches nationwide.

Dr. Weissman said he was a radical left-wing activist in Brazil. "I arrived in Israel, and to this day I serve as a reservist in the IDF," Weissman said, and added "I have five children and they have no future. Israelis are confused by right and left. We are all ready to accept any document and any accord. It is time that someone will look two generations forward."

Ben-Eliyahu stressed that the party did not see itself as a right-wing party, but rather as a center party. "The Likud is the extreme left, Labor is the insane left, and Meretz have crossed the lines, hurling rocks at soldiers," Ben-Eliyahu said. He added that their party's line "is equal to the line that characterized Zionism until 1948."

When asked about the role of the Moledet party, with which Ben-Eliyahu is associated, he replied that "Moledet died with the murder of Gandhi," referring to Rechavam Ze'evi who was murdered in 1991 by Palestinian militants in a Jerusalem hotel.

Marzel said they have "managed to form a party that will change the State of Israel and take over its leadership despite and in spite of the left-wing enemies of Israel." He added that "Sharon is in his twilight years in all senses, including his health."

Marzel called fellow right-wing parties Tkuma, Moledet and Agudat Israel to join the new party. He said that they would work together in the coming years to ensure the immigration of two million Jews, and the emigration of two million Arabs, in order to establish a balance of eight million Jews and two million Arabs.