David Ben Gurion

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Date of Birth: 16/10/1886 Place of Birth: Plonsk, Poland Date of Death: 01/12/1973 Place of Death: Sde Boker, Israel

Personal: Made Aliyah in 1906

Military: World War One - Served in the Jewish Legion

Education: Studied in a Heder; home-schooled general education Studied Law at the University of Kushta in Turkey

Political Life: Knesset 0 Govt. 0 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Knesset 1 Govt. 1 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Govt. 2 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Knesset 2 Govt. 3 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense -From 14/08/1952 Minister of Transportation

Govt. 4 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Govt. 5 -From 21/02/1955 Minister of Defense

Govt. 6 -Minister of Defense

Knesset 3 Govt. 7 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Govt. 8 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Knesset 4 Govt. 9 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Knesset 5 Govt. 10 -Prime Minister -Minister of Defense

Significant Information: 1906 - worked as a laborer in Petah Tikvah and farms in the Judean region

1914 - Deported by Ottoman Authorities in Palestine

Early 1920's - Founded the Histadrut

1935 - Elected Chairman of the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency

1942 - Initiated the Biltmore Conference that decided that after WWII the aim must be to create a Jewish State

1948 - Declared the creation of the State of Israel

Initiated various projects throughout Israel including the National Water Carrier, and establishing new towns and settlements in the Negev.

Avid supporter of the idea to 'make the desert bloom.'

Initiated Operation Magic Carpet, to airlift Jews from Arab countries to Israel.

1953 - Resigned from Politics for two years

1970 - Resigned from politics for good, settled at Sde Boker in the Negev