Israel Closes Decade With Population of 7.5 Million

Israel's population has grown by 1.8% every year since 2003, with Jews making up 75%.

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At the close of the first decade of the third millennium, Israel has 7.5 million residents, including 5.7 million Jews (75.4 percent of the population) and 1.5 million Arabs (20.3 percent of the population). The remaining 319,000 residents are made up of Christians and followers of other religions.

According to the data, released Wednesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel's population grew by 1.8 percent in 2009.

Among those contributing to the population increase are 14,500 immigrants who moved to Israel in 2009, a slight climb from the year before.

This past year, the population grew by 135,000, of which 121,000 was the result of natural growth.

The population of Israel has grown at a steady rate of 1.8 percent every year since 2003.