Islamic Jihad Head in Hebron Handed 17 Life Terms

Police call off alert in Sharon region after receiving warning of possible infiltration; large-scale emergency drill at Ben-Gurion Airport cancelled.

The leader of the Islamic Jihad in Hebron, Nur Jaber, was sentenced to 17 consecutive life sentences Monday for sending terrorists to carry out two attacks last year, one on Worshippers Way in Hebron, and one in a hesder yeshiva (school combining Torah study with fighting in the army) in Otniel.

Seventeen people were killed in the two attacks: 12 local security guards were killed in the Hebron shooting on November 15, 2002, and four yeshiva students were killed in the Otniel infiltration on December 27, 2002.

Jaber admitted in front of the Ofer camp military tribunal that he was in touch with the general secretary of the militant group, Ramadan Shalah, in the organization's headquarters in Damascus.

Jaber, who has been accused of murdering 17 Israelis, said in answer to a question that he had not spoken with Shalah on the phone, but via "other means."

Jaber said he reported to the Damascus headquarters on the terror attacks he carried out, but that the headquarters did not issue instructions for the attacks.

Police call off terror alert in Sharon region Police and security forces cancelled Monday afternoon a terror alert, which was raised earlier in the day in the Sharon region, after receiving warnings that a terrorist might have infiltrated into Israel.

Police erected roadblocks at the entrances to Rosh Ha'ayin and Petah Tikva, and later at the entrances to Hod Hasharon, Kfar Sava and Kafr Qasem, causing heavy traffic jams in the area.

Police arrested a Palestinian in the area carrying 5 kilograms of drugs to Kafr Qasem, Israel Radio reported.

In the East Jerusalem neighborhood of A-Tur, the IDF on Monday sealed the home of Ahmed Sa'ada, who assisted the suicide bomber who blew himself up last year on bus number 20 in Jerusalem, killing 11 people.

Overnight Monday security forces arrested 13 wanted Palestinians in the West Bank.

Emergency drill at Ben-Gurion Airport cancelled A large-scale emergency drill scheduled to take place at Ben-Gurion International Airport on Monday afternoon was suddenly cancelled after seven Airport Authority workers were fired.

Authority officials called an emergency meeting to discuss the change of plans.

The drill, which was scheduled to begin at 4 P.M. at the airport, was to simulate a multi-casualty aerial disaster.

Israel Defense Forces troops, fire fighters, Magen David Adom personnel, police and Israel Airports Authority staff were to participate in the drill.

The drill was set to simulate a plane crash and an aircraft catching fire with some 200 passengers on board. A model of a plane was to be placed on a runway and set on fire.

Hundreds of extras were to act as passengers killed or injured during the simulated emergency landing. Mobile hospitals were to be erected along the runway.