Supersol Agrees to Let Its Cashiers Sit Down

Supersol's management has agreed to a demand from its workers' committee and decided to allow the cashiers at its Universe Club branches to work while sitting, as do cashiers at the supermarket chain's other stores.

Supersol CEO Effie Rosenhaus wrote to committee head Ariela Siso that the 400 cashiers would receive special seats adapted to their work within the next three months.

The decision follows a campaign begun by attorney Yuval Albashan, director of Hebrew University's legal aid clinic, and the Histadrut labor federation to help people who have poor working conditions.

They first negotiated with SuperPharm over cashiers who have to stand for long hours, and the drugstore chain's management agreed to provide its workers with orthopedic carpets and let them take longer breaks.

Siso, the head of a committee that represents 6,600 Supersol, Cosmos and Universe Club workers, said that she noticed the problem when touring a Universe Club branch in Be'er Sheva recently. She said that she was particularly disturbed when a pregnant woman said that her back was aching but she was afraid to complain lest she be dismissed. The activists now plan to take on Hamashbir Lazarchan.