Former Mossad Deputy Head Alleges Censorship, Quits Military Council

Shmuel Toledano, former deputy chief of Mossad, has quit the dovish Council on Peace and Security, a public council open to former high ranking security officers. He quit to protest the council trying to censor public criticism of the army that Toledano leveled this week at Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon, who was speaking to the council.

"I planned my words carefully," said Toledano, "I have reached these conclusions after watching the events, day by day."

Toledano, a former Arab affairs advisor to prime ministers, took the stage at the conference, with Ya'alon on stage, and read out his statement that went on: "How does a Palestinian girl who is in her home backyard get killed by IDF fire aimed into the air, according to the army?" He said, "there must be security checks at the checkpoints, but why abuse the Palestinians?"

As Toledano went on, murmurs and then raised voices began to come from the audience and the presidium, with council president Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny Rothschild shifted uncomfortably. Council executive director Brig. Gen (res.) Shaul Givoli interrupted Toledano, asking him to "get to the point and ask your question."

"When will you give us back the IDF we loved and admired, the one with purity of arms and morality?" Toledano asked.

Rothschild then spoke up, saying this was not the style of council members and there was some booing in the audience. Ya'alon appeared to be cool - but later, in response, would clearly appear agitated.

He said anyone who questioned the morality of the army should attend every decision making session for an operation and much emphasis is placed on avoiding civilian casualties. Ya'alon also said every case of innocents being killed during IDF operations is investigated at the general staff level, and suggested Toledano's remarks were "the other side's propaganda."