Park Rules Pixilate Planned Performance by The Pixies

The venue for the American rock band The Pixies' performance, scheduled for June 9, is still uncertain, in part because of an agreement stipulating a 17-day hiatus between concerts in Hayarkon Park.

The Tel Aviv municipality signed an agreement with residents of the neighborhood adjacent to the park in July, restricting the municipality's commercial performances in the park to no more than 12 a year. Furthermore, concerts must be spaced at least 17 days apart.

The Pixies' performance was rumored last week to be the culmination of a two-day music festival. However, the agreement requiring a 17-day pause between concerts would make this impossible.

The agreement stipulates that concerts must end by 11 P.M. and that no sound check testing be held between 2 P.M. and 5 P.M. It also restricts preparation time for performances and bans setting off fireworks in the park except on Independence Day.

The Pixies' producer in Israel, Shuki Weiss, said he was not familiar with the agreement, if there is one, and thus could not comment.