Kibbutz Employs Thai Workers in Sub-human Conditions

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Members of the Immigration Police who raided the Oren Hacarmel factory on Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh Wednesday found eight Thai workers living there in inhumane conditions. The police described conditions provided to the workers as being "not even fit for animals."

Police indicated that the factory owner, a 55-year-old Kfar Sava resident, is to be indicted for illegally employing the foreign workers and violating their basic rights. The workers were taken to a holding facility, prior to their deportation from Israel.

The Oren Hacarmel factory has employed foreign workers illegally in the past. Police, together with social welfare workers, decided to raid the facility again Wednesday after receiving intelligence reports.

The police were amazed to find that the workers lived among the piles of wood surfaces made by the factory, in small makeshift alcoves, with minimal facilities in which they could hardly stand up straight.

"The factory owner hid the workers between the wood surfaces, in cubicles four meters by one meter in size," stated Central District Immigration Police Commander Avihu Regev Wednesday.