Former Crime Boss Shmaya Angel Dies of Cancer

Shmaya Angel, who was released some three months ago from prison due to a terminal illness, died yesterday at his home. He was 51.

Angel began serving a life sentence in April 1982 after being convicted of murdering Michael Nahmias and Shulamit Shelly, his drug trafficking partners.

Angel was considered by police to be one of the country's most dangerous prisoners. In 1980, he married his first wife, Sarah. His best friend at the time, convicted felon Haim Shoshan, was murdered several years later by 131 stab wounds while being held at a guarded cell at Nitzan prison. Angel and prisoners Herzl Avitan and Yaakov Shemesh were convicted of the murder. Police believed that Shoshan was murdered, because he intended to incriminate Angel's wife. The Angels divorced in 1986 and she became a well-known author.