High Court Ruling on the Separation Fence (30/06/04)

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Beit Sourik Village Council vs.

1. The Government of Israel

2. Commander of the IDF Forces in the West Bank

The Supreme Court Sitting as the High Court of Justice

[February 29, 2004; March 11, 2004; March 17, 2004; March 31, 2004; April 16, 2004; April 21, 2004; May 2, 2004 ]

Before President A. Barak, Vice-President E. Mazza, and Justice M. Cheshin

Petition for an Order Nisi.

For petitioners—Mohammed Dahla

For respondents—Anar Helman, Yuval Roitman


President A. Barak

The Commander of the IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria issued orders to take possession of plots of land in the area of Judea and Samaria. The purpose of the seizure was to erect a Separation Fence on the land. The question before us is whether the orders and the Fence are legal.

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