Ben-Gurion May Have Been a Twin

Israel's first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, had a twin brother who died soon after birth, according to a document recently found in Plonsk, Poland, his native town. The document - Ben-Gurion's birth certificate - was this week given to the head of Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, Shmuel Rifman, who was in Plonsk with a youth delegation from the Negev.

Ben-Gurion or his relatives never mentioned a twin in the family. Nili Oren of Ben-Gurion College, who has been working on setting up a museum in Plonsk and was with the delegation, said: "This is a document that was requisitioned by Plonsk Municipality from the district archives. It is written in old Russian, but as far as we can understand, it says that on a certain day, a man by the name of Victor Green turned up and reported the birth of a son. As far as we understand, he was talking about one of the twins. In any event, it requires looking into. There is also a problem with the dates."

As far as is known, Ben-Gurion was born on October 16, 1886, but the document is dated February 1887. "Nevertheless, date discrepancies are common with such documents," she said.

"The document is fascinating material from a research point of view," said Rifman. "It raises the question - did Ben-Gurion know or not?