SintecMedia Wins Large BBC Contract

SintecMedia, a developer of software systems to manage television broadcasts, has signed a huge deal with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The three-year contract should bring the Jerusalem-based start-up revenues ranging from $20 million to $30 million. This year alone, revenues from the deal could be as high as $5 million, estimate industry sources.

The BBC contract is the biggest SintecMedia has scored, not to mention a most prestigious one. To date, the company has won two of the four major tenders in the field of broadcast management systems, beating out its rival, Encoda Systems, of the U.S.

In the contract's first stage, SintecMedia will be supplying 750 licenses for its OnAir systems to BBC employees. The software enables management of content commissioning and acquisition, long-term schedule planning, detailed scheduling, and other broadcast-related functions. Each license costs more than $20,000. Later more licenses will be supplied, giving more users access to the BBC content and broadcast management systems.

BBC would be using OnAir to manage the broadcast operations of all its public TV channels and regional radio stations, the company said.

Encoda's sales are about $200 million a year; and while the U.S. company focuses mainly on small and medium-sized customers, SintecMedia aims for big networks with more than 10 percent of the market share.

Earlier SintecMedia also won a contract from Canada's CBC network, which has 7,000 employees. Its products are also used by one of Israel's cable company, Tevel, and two of the three companies running Channel 2 television, Golden Channels (Arutzei Zahav) and Reshet.