Pop Quiz: Can You Sing About Destruction and Model for a Glossy?

On the radio, Ivri Lider prefers 'for everything to burn;' in the paper, I read that he prefers 'monochromatic colorfulness – black, cream, gray mélange, royal blue.'

Dudi Hasson

I hear him on the radio shouting in a choking voice, “Let it all burn.” In the paper, I read his explanation about the new fashion collection, called IV2, he has designed, together with Castro, an Israeli chain. I want to ask him: So, if everything is to burn what will become of the collection? What will happen to IV2? Isn’t it a pity? After all that investment?

On the radio, his new single starts with the words, “Everything is burning.” The newspaper quotes him as saying, “The process of working on the collection was a challenge, and I’m pleased.” I want to ask him: So, if everything is burning, what exactly are you so pleased about? (I understand that there’s no connection between the two: One’s a song, the other apparel. In a song you can shout, cry, ravage; in parallel, in real life you can be pleased with a precisely designed collection, “the product of a fruitful dialogue between a fashion chain and a singer-songwriter.”)

On the radio, he prays “for everything to be burned in a huge conflagration”; in the paper, he explains that he likes “clothes that sit pleasantly and close to the body, that make you want both to move and to curl up.” I want to ask him: So, everything is burning in a huge conflagration and you want to curl up? (Yes, yes, I get it: The fire, even the huge conflagration, is only a metaphor. Curling up, by contrast, is life itself. Fine.)

On the radio, he sings about “the difficulty, the fears, your first love”; in the paper, he says that “every item of clothing that goes into the stores is an item I would want to wear myself.” I want to ask him: So, when you say “item,” do you mean pants and shirts and socks? Of the faded, wrong-size kind – like I too have in my closet? Or can an “item” be only from a “masculine capsule collection”? (Speaking of “masculine capsule collection” – does that term also apply to Nespresso coffee machines?)

On the radio he prefers “for everything to burn, we’ll start afresh”; in the paper, I read that he prefers “monochromatic colorfulness – black, cream, gray mélange, royal blue.” I want to ask him: So, if everything really burns and we start afresh, which color will survive – gray mélange or royal blue? (It’s true that the royal has something of an advantage, because of its monarchical shade, but I think the mélange has a better chance of surviving, because of the way it can disguise itself.)

On the radio, he talks about “shouts in the rooms, cheap romanticism”; from the newspaper, I gather that the necessary item in the collection is a “nylon jacket with a geometric pattern of bicycle wheel spokes.” I want to ask him: So, is there also a geometric pattern of gathering clouds? (It’s clear to me that there isn’t: Clouds is kitsch, inappropriate to the precise look of IV2.)

On the radio, he insists that “everything is burning – relationships, love, tours, disappointment”; in the paper ,he recommends a “stunning black blazer made of scuba fabric in a narrow cut.” I want to ask him: So, other than relationships and love and tours and disappointment – is there any way the blazer could be burning, too? Or should we feel reassured, because it’s scuba fabric?

On the radio, he shouts, “Everything is burning, the skin of the face that’s red with pride”; in the newspaper, next to the item about the new collection, are recipes for “10 salads you can eat your heart out for.” I want to ask him: So, maybe the face is red because you ate a mango and herb salad?

In short, what I really want to ask is: Don’t you think there’s a problem with this duality? With the song on the radio and the commercialfor Castro? Don’t you think the distance is simply too great? That between “everything is burning” and IV2 lies an abyss too deep? That it’s impossible to write a song about pain and destruction and a sense of disaster, and at the same time to model for glossy, synthetic, commercial photos? That it’s impossible to expect people to believe that things are bad for you and that you’re hurting and that you want to burn everything, when at the same time you’re taking pleasure in a few bits of textile that are draped over you like on a model?

You surely understand that sometimes you have to forgo something, that sometimes you have to choose: either pain or commercialization, either sadness or modeling, either truth or a white fleece suit with black zippers.