What's Waiting for the New Ministers as They Take Up Their Portfolios

Reducing the cost of living, closing social gaps, enhancing competition, solving the housing crisis and improving service provision - just some of the challenges facing the new government.

Emile Salman

Full agendas and some critical issues face the members of the new government who took over their ministries on Sunday. Here's an overview of the tasks facing them.

Health – Ya'acov Litzman: Launch the reform in mental health; give content to the nursing reform plan and get it passed by the Knesset; appoint a managing director for Hadassah Medical Center and ensure its rehabilitation; work towards shortening lines in public health clinics.

Education – NaftaIi Bennett: Reduce the number of children in school and kindergarten classes; organize the ultra-Orthodox school system and core curriculum studies; turn contract teachers into employees; include children with special learning requirements in the educational system; reduce or cancel parent fees and implement the long school day program; increase the number of matriculation candidates.

Finance – Moshe Kahlon: Reduce poverty and social gaps; finalize the bi-annual state budget (2015-2016) and get it passed in the government and Knesset; choose and appoint a new leadership team in the Treasury; solve the housing crisis; et a multi-year framework for the defense budget.

Housing and Construction – Yoav Galant: Increase the pace of building through sanctions and inducements; increase trained manpower in the construction sector; standardize the private rental market via legislation; increase opportunities for long-term rentals and increase the available stock of public housing.

Transport – Israel Katz: Implement a national plan for road safety; implement a light rail system in Tel Aviv; find a solution for traffic congestion on the Ayalon Highway; expand Jerusalem's light rail network; look into public transport on Saturdays.

Economy – Aryeh Dery: Reduce the cost of living, among other things by means of imports, local competition and reducing the impact of the Bureau of Standards; strengthen small and medium-sized businesses by means of R&D and support for exports: get professional and technical education included in the education system; improve the enforcement of labor laws.

Justice – Ayelet Shaked: Solve the labor dispute with prosecutors over improved work conditions; examine the work of the audit commission responsible for the prosecutors and improve it; build a relationship of trust with the president of the Supreme Court; promote legislation for improving economic competition for consumer credit, reducing the cost of living and lowering the cost of housing.