Two Israeli Singers Suspected of Having Sex With Minors

Tel Aviv police are examining allegations that the singers had sexual relations with girls at parties organized by a PR acquaintance.

Yaniv Kubovich
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Yaniv Kubovich

The Tel Aviv District Police are investigating a complaint that a well-known Israeli singer has had sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl on several occasions in recent months, with some of the acts being recorded on a cellphone.

The police are also investigating allegations that another Israeli singer had sexual relations with the same girl, and her friends, during events organized by a public relations man close to both men. Neither singer has been questioned or named as yet, and representatives of one singer have already denied the accusations.

On Thursday, one of the singers took to Facebook to deny having sex with a minor, calling the allegations character assassination. "I'm fine, thank God. I work, perform and have fun" he told his fans.

The minor’s testimony was taken for several hours by police on Wednesday. The girl claimed she met regularly with the first singer and other people, and that on those occasions the singer had full sexual relations with her. She also said that those attending the events smoked soft drugs. The investigators have yet to receive the video clip that ostensibly records the events.

Questioning of the girl will continue later this week. The police also intend to summon the singer and question him about the allegations.

The police first became involved last July, when the Glilot police station received information that the first singer regularly has sexual relations with minors. The district’s juvenile department decided to open an investigation but, due to the sensitivity of the case, it was decided about a month ago to transfer it to the Tel Aviv district’s central unit.

According to the information gathered to date, the musicians allegedly met the minor, her friends and other women through a public relations man who is a good friend of theirs. The suspicion is that the PR man would invite the girls to events he organized, after they expressed a desire to meet the celebrities, and at those meetings the girls had sex with the singers.

When questioned by the police, the PR man claimed that he did indeed organize events but didn’t know whether the invitees engaged in sex at these parties. He also claimed that the guests didn’t know one another, and that they didn’t know each other’s ages.

Police are investigating a complaint that a well-known Israeli singer has had sexual relations with a minor.Credit: Zach Den Adel